Experience Easy, Comfortable Dentistry With Sedation Options in Tenafly

Brushing and flossing is essential to maintaining optimal dental health, but it needs to be supplemented with regular dental cleanings and exams. That’s a problem for those whose fear of the dentist keeps them from visiting our office for these services. If this describes you, Tenafly sedation options can help.

Receiving dental sedation will:

  • Keep you relaxed during appointments so you can receive the care your smile needs
  • Increase your confidence so you won’t mind future visits to our office
  • Relieve a sensitive gag reflex so it isn’t an impediment to care
  • Help you remain still during longer, more complicated procedures
  • Enable you to easily undergo multiple treatments all at one time

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Find the Best Dental Sedation For the Treatment You’ll Receive

A light sedative like laughing gas is typically enough to take the edge off so you can relax for routine services like exams and cleanings. Yet you may require a stronger form of relaxation for longer and more complicated procedures. That’s not a problem at our office as we offer:

  • Conscious Sedation – Common conscious sedation options may include inhaled sedation, also called laughing gas, or an oral sedative in the form of a pill. They will keep you completely awake yet relaxed.
  • Deep Sedation – You’ll experience an almost dreamlike state with deep sedation and will be less aware of sounds and sights that might bother you.

You can also get comfortable by snuggling up under a blanket in one of our private care rooms.

Skipping routine care makes it more likely you’ll suffer from complications that will require a root canal or similar restorative procedure. Our sedation options in Tenafly can help change your outlook on dental appointments so your smile stays healthy! Call 201-347-1417 for more information. You can also schedule online.