Root Canals in Hackensack, NJ

Though our dentists can extract teeth if necessary, saving a damaged tooth is often the better option. With root canals in Hackensack, they can save infected teeth rather than removing them. You’ll enjoy a faster recovery and avoid the expense of a replacement tooth.

Root canal treatment will:

  • Relieve pain caused by infection
  • Eliminate the need for tooth removal and replacement
  • Preserve your natural tooth structure so your nearby teeth aren’t impacted
  • Avoid the bone loss that occurs after losing a tooth
  • Keep infection from spreading to other parts of your body

If you have a toothache, call us ASAP at 201-366-7001. We can often offer same-day appointments to quickly relieve your pain.

We’ll Ensure Your Root Canal Procedure Goes Smoothly

At Summit Dental, our team uses a dental laser for many procedures to keep your treatment as quick and comfortable as possible. A laser helps our dentists quickly access the infected part of your tooth and also makes it faster to remove the infection. In addition to a dental laser, we’ll ensure your root canal procedure goes well with:

  • Dentists who have advanced training in surgical procedures
  • Private operatories for quiet and comfortable treatment
  • A choice of either conscious or deep sedation to keep you relaxed

When you come to our office, we will:

  • Examine you with high-tech equipment like digital X-rays to determine if your discomfort is caused by infection
  • Make you comfortable in one of our private operatories and administer sedation, if desired
  • Numb your mouth with local anesthesia to prepare you for the procedure
  • Use our laser to create an opening in the top of your tooth
  • Carefully remove the infected pulp and damaged nerve from inside your tooth
  • Fill the area formerly occupied by pulp with an inert material called gutta-percha
  • Seal your tooth to protect it from further damage, usually with a dental crown

Know These Root Canal Signs So You Can Seek Treatment ASAP

While many people don’t come to our office until they have a toothache, here are some other signs you may need a root canal procedure:

  • Tooth that is sensitive to heat and cold
  • Tenderness when applying pressure to your tooth
  • Swelling or a bump on your gums
  • Tooth enamel with dark discoloration

For comfortable root canals in Hackensack, call Summit Dental at 201-366-7001. You can also make an appointment online.