Root Canals in Tenafly, NJ

Not too many patients look forward to having a root canal. However, this beneficial procedure doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Tenafly root canals from Summit Dental can help you:

  • End the pain from your nagging toothache
  • Avoid the need for a tooth extraction
  • Get comfortable care with your choice of sedation options
  • Prepare your tooth for a new crown
  • Prevent further problems with your other teeth and gums

Don’t suffer in pain any longer. If you have a troublesome tooth, call the pro team at Summit Dental today at 201-347-1417. You’ll find us at 17 Washington St., Ste. 19 – just above CVS Pharmacy.

Look Forward to Quick Relief With Your Root Canal

Our laser root canal treatment is so comfortable that you can actually look forward to it. Contrary to what most people believe, a root canal is no more unpleasant than getting a tooth filled – or even more comfortable than that with our laser. In fact, this procedure will actually help you feel better by stopping the terrible pain you may be experiencing due to a diseased tooth.

When you come in for your root canal procedure, your dental team will:

  • Explain what we’re going to do in as much detail as you’d like
  • Make sure the area we’re working on is completely numb
  • Administer your choice of conscious sedation or deep sedation so that you’re fully relaxed
  • Clean out the infected inner part of the tooth using a dental laser
  • Seal the tooth’s inner chambers with a rubberlike material

Before you know it, your root canal procedure will be complete, and you’ll leave our office with a repaired tooth that no longer hurts. In most cases, we recommend completing this restorative procedure with a new crown. It will strengthen the tooth and help prevent any other problems with it.

Root canals in Tenafly can be a positive experience, especially at Summit Dental. Call us today at 201-347-1417 to schedule an appointment, or schedule online. You can feel better soon!