Tooth Removal in Tenafly, NJ

A tooth extraction is not something that most people look forward to. Actually, we’d much rather save a patient’s tooth than remove it. However, if you find yourself needing tooth removal in Tenafly, the team at Summit Dental will make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Here are some reasons to have your tooth extraction at our dental practice:

  • Relaxation with conscious sedation or deep sedation
  • Technology such as 3-D imaging so we can plan every detail of your procedure beforehand
  • Appointments that fit your schedule – late afternoon and Saturday hours are available
  • A team of dentists and staff who are committed to your comfort

For a comfortable tooth extraction, visit Summit Dental soon. Call us today at 201-347-1417 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll see you ASAP for emergency extractions.

Remove a Problem Tooth to Protect Your Oral Health

Saving your damaged or diseased tooth will always take top priority here. We have many ways to do that, including tooth-colored fillings, root canal treatment, and dental crowns. However, if your tooth is too far gone or if it needs to be removed to make room for dentures or implants, we’ll perform your procedure as quickly and comfortably as possible.

At Summit Dental, we’ll never tell you to just “bite the bullet” while we remove your tooth. We’ll always:

  • Take time to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible
  • Fully answer all your questions so you feel at ease about your dental care
  • Administer sedation, if desired, so you can relax during your procedure
  • Give you a warm blanket to help you feel right at home
  • Make sure the area we’re working on is completely numb
  • Provide you with complete aftercare instructions to make your healing period quick and comfortable

If there’s anything you need during your visit with us, just ask and we’ll do all we can to help you feel comfortable.

Tooth removal in Tenafly can be a positive experience, especially at Summit Dental. Call us today at 201-347-1417 to schedule your appointment. You can also schedule online. We look forward to helping you feel better soon.