Teeth Whitening in Tenafly, NJ

Surveys have found that 99.7 percent of Americans believe a smile is an important social asset. If your smile isn’t as bright as it used to be, then Summit Dental offers you great options to brighten it up! We’ve helped many patients achieve radiant smiles using teeth whitening in Tenafly, and we can do the same for you.

Our treatment offers you many advantages over store-bought whitening kits, including:

  • Faster results when time is an issue
  • More dramatic and dazzling results
  • Less gum irritation and tooth sensitivity
  • Access to our team for any questions or concerns
  • A choice of either in-office or at-home treatment

Let us give you the brighter smile you’ve been dreaming about. Call Summit Dental today at 201-347-1417 to schedule a complimentary consultation. You’ll find it easy to make an appointment with late afternoon and Saturday hours.

Take Your Choice of Teeth Whitening Treatment

As one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry services, we offer a variety of teeth whitening options here at Summit Dental. It’s never been easier to put some pizzazz into your tired, worn smile. Below are the various whitening treatments you can take advantage of:

  • In-Office Laser Whitening – For the fastest and most dramatic, eye-catching results, you’ll want to opt for in-office treatment. We’ll carefully apply a concentrated whitening agent, then use a laser to accelerate the results.
  • Philips DayWhite – For more convenience, you can take home custom whitening trays and a special gel to use whenever you want, whether you’re doing chores, reading, or watching TV.
  • Philips NiteWhite – This system works in a similar way to DayWhite, except you’ll wear your trays while you sleep.

In addition to our teeth whitening treatment, we also offer ICON white spot removal therapy. White spots on your teeth are decalcified areas that respond well to this treatment. In just a few minutes, your teeth will have a more uniform and beautiful appearance.

Flash a dazzling smile with Tenafly teeth whitening! Call Summit Dental today at 201-347-1417 to schedule an appointment, or schedule online.