Ridge Augmentation in Hackensack, NJ

There are many ways your jaw health can suffer, including gum disease, missing teeth, injury, and even genetics. The Summit Dental team provides ridge augmentation in Hackensack to correct jaw deformities and similar issues that can affect your appearance and your oral health.

A ridge augmentation procedure will:

  • Encourage new bone growth in your jaw to improve your oral health and your overall health
  • Restore your jaw’s natural contours for a healthier and more attractive appearance
  • Strengthen your jaw to enable you to receive dental implants, which will improve your smile’s appearance and oral function

You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your ridge augmentation treatment is performed by dentists with advanced training in implant dentistry and oral surgery. To schedule a free consultation with one of them, call us today at 201-366-7001.

Privacy & Sedation Keep You Relaxed During Your Procedure

Open floor plans feel spacious, but they don’t offer much privacy. To ensure you’ll remain relaxed throughout your procedure, our office offers completely private treatment rooms. To further soothe your nerves, you can cover up with a warm blanket. While our dentists will numb your mouth with effective local anesthesia prior to your treatment, you can also choose to receive dental sedation.

At our office, you have two options:

  • Conscious Sedation – With a conscious sedation method, you’ll remain awake and aware of your surroundings yet relaxed.
  • Deep Sedation – You’ll be less aware and may even drift off to sleep with deep sedation. You may not remember much about your procedure when it’s over.

Receive Many Kinds of Implants With a Strong Jaw

Once your jaw is strong enough, you can choose from many different kinds of implants, including:

  • An Implant With a Crown – A single implant with a dental crown will blend so easily into your smile, no one will even realize you’d lost a tooth.
  • An Implant-Supported Bridge – An implant-supported bridge will fill a gap left by several missing teeth.
  • Dental Implants With Dentures – With dental implant dentures, you won’t have to worry about embarrassing slippage.

For ridge augmentation in Hackensack, call Summit Dental at 201-366-7001. You can also make an appointment online.