Mini Dental Implants in Hackensack

Many patients have come to us after they were told they could not get implants by another office. Our Hackensack mini dental implants are making it possible for more people to:

  • Restore their smiles
  • Rebuild their bite
  • Spare the need for a bone graft
  • Reduce recovery time

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. It’s time for you to see what we can do at Summit Dental. Call 201-366-7001 to give yourself a new reason to smile. Consultations are free.

Enjoy Full-Sized Results From Mini Implants

Root-form implants have been around for decades. They have proven to be incredibly useful as long as you have enough bone in your jaw to support them. Today, you can save your smile by getting mini implants instead. Like standard implants, these smaller implants can be used to support:

  • Dental Crowns – If you are missing a single tooth, a mini implant can secure your crown in place.
  • Dental Bridges – A few mini implants can stabilize your dental bridge.
  • Dentures – If you need to replace an entire row of teeth, a series of mini implants can anchor your replacement teeth to your jaw.

During this process, we can provide dental sedation. This helps you remain relaxed. Sedation also blocks pain, which can go a long way toward reducing dental anxiety. By coming to our office, you also get the benefit of our 3-D imaging, which helps us determine if standard or mini implants are a better option for you as well as where your implants should be placed.

Going Small Can Have Major Advantages For Your Smile

Standard implants are great for a lot of people, but minis offer some distinct advantages. Because they are smaller, they can save you from the cost and recovery time of a bone graft. Specifically, you will recover from getting mini implants faster because they integrate with your jaw faster due to their size.

If you have been told you can’t get implants or that you must get a bone graft first, then it’s time for you to talk to us about mini dental implants in Hackensack, NJ. Call 201-366-7001 to get started on your new smile at Summit Dental. You can also make an appointment online.