Cosmetic Dentist in Hackensack, NJ

You can make a change that gives you a new reason to smile. Come to our office for treatment from a Hackensack cosmetic dentist if you would like to:

  • Improve the color of your teeth
  • Straighten your smile
  • Correct spacing issues with your teeth
  • Fix other flaws with your smile
  • Boost your self-confidence

At Summit Dental, you can find the services you need to see the smile of your dreams when you look in the mirror. Call 201-366-7001 now to schedule a free consultation. We’re open as late as 7 p.m. for your convenience.

Make a Plan to Achieve Your Dream Smile

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth for any reason, you can do something about it. Our doctors can help you create a path to a new and improved smile with the following services:

  • Dental Veneers – Veneers are an effective and efficient way to hide what you don’t like about your teeth and show the world the smile you want them to see. Our prepless veneers are an easy way to transform your teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening – Whether you prefer our advanced in-office laser whitening or one of our take-home whitening kits, we can make your smile shine.
  • Orthodontics – We offer both traditional braces and Invisalign aligners so your teeth can be perfectly straight and your bite can be in line.
  • Teeth Contouring and Crown Lengthening – By removing a little enamel from a tooth or some excess gum tissue, all your teeth can appear to be the right shape and size for your smile. Our dental laser can painlessly upgrade your smile.
  • Gum Reshaping – We use a dental laser to perform gummy smile treatment.

For many people, one service isn’t enough to achieve their smile goals. For a total makeover, you may need to combine multiple cosmetic services or even some restorative dentistry services. If you have any anxiety about receiving this kind of dental care, you can put your mind at ease by taking advantage of our sedation options.

Enjoy More Confidence When Your Teeth Look Better

No one will deny that cosmetic improvements make your teeth look better. But finding the right solution for your smile problems may have even bigger benefits than just aesthetics. You also know from your own experience that a nice smile can change how you are perceived by other people. Making a change can help you make a great first impression.

Give yourself a reason to feel at ease smiling in social settings or in pictures for social media. Schedule a consultation at Summit Dental. Call 201-366-7001 to begin your journey with a cosmetic dentist in Hackensack. You can also make an appointment online.