If you’re the one in the family who’s always in charge of getting everything ready for the holidays, then this time of year can be particularly stressful.

But if the tension you feel lately can’t be blamed on holiday preparations, there may be an entirely different underlying problem that is putting your oral health and overall well-being at risk. 

Persistent muscle tension and soreness in the head, face, jaw, neck, and shoulders are common signs of teeth grinding and other TMJ-related problems. Not only can this make you more susceptible to dental fractures, decay, and cavities, but grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw could be interfering with your sleep and your ability to function in your daily life.

Our custom teeth grinding solutions are designed to heal your TMJ problems and relieve frequent headaches caused by all the pressure it’s putting on your jaw so you can have a pain-free, enjoyable holiday season!

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