Regular flossing is like regular exercise. You know it’s good for you, but you may actively avoid it. At Summit Dental, we get it. Fear of flossing is understandable. Fortunately, it’s also pretty easy to overcome!

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To overcome your fear of flossing:

  • Use a floss you like
  • Learn the right flossing technique
  • Make flossing easier with special equipment
  • Make flossing a routine
  • Keep your teeth and gums in good shape

Find a Floss You Like

Everyone’s mouth is different, so a floss that works well for your spouse or a pal may not be the right floss for you. For example, if your teeth are spaced so closely together that you find it difficult to get floss between them or it often catches on your teeth, you may want to try a waxed floss for easier movement.

Fight Fear of Flossing by Using the Proper Technique

For such a simple task, flossing can be pretty tricky. Our team is happy to show you exactly how to floss your teeth. The next time you come in for an exam, just ask! Some of our patients have told us it takes too long – at least until they get the hang of it. We suggest flossing just one or two teeth a day and increasing the number as your technique improves.

Try Special Equipment If You Need Extra Help

Flossing can be a special challenge for some folks, including those with small mouths and those with orthodontia. Our dentists can recommend special tools that can help, like dental picks or pre-threaded flossers. For many people, these tools make a big difference! Again, your regular exam is a great time to discuss.

Establish a Good Flossing Routine

Just like exercise, creating and maintaining a routine is often what it takes for flossing to become a habit. Flossing right before you brush your teeth is a good idea, as brushing can help clean away the debris you may dislodge by flossing. We hope you are brushing at least two times a day, in the morning and again before bedtime. Add flossing to one of those brushing sessions.

Keep Your Mouth in Good Shape to Avoid Fear of Flossing

If you haven’t flossed in a while, it can be a bit uncomfortable at first, and your gums may even bleed a little. The tenderness should go away after a few days of regular flossing. If it doesn’t, you may have gum disease or another dental issue. The best way to avoid those kinds of problems is by getting a professional cleaning from us at least two times a year.

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