We wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy Fourth of July! We hope you are able to celebrate our country’s birthday to the fullest. If you’re going to have to skip all the good food because of your bad dentures, though, that’s not a proper celebration. In fact, living with dentures can interfere with your daily life, even if you’re so used to making adjustments and sacrifices for them that you don’t realize how compromised life is anymore.

Everyone deserves to eat what they want, talk when they want, laugh as loudly as they want, and sing to their heart’s content without worrying about it. Those are rights, not privileges, no matter why you’re wearing dentures.

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You’ll Never Look Back With Implants

There are so many benefits to getting implants, especially over dentures, that you’ll never look back:

  • The confidence to smile, laugh, and open your mouth whenever and wherever you want
  • A lifelong solution to bad dentures since implants permanently attach to your jawbone
  • Better oral health since implants help stop jawbone loss, a consequence of missing teeth
  • Prevention of premature aging – even looking younger – since your restored jawbone helps preserve your facial structure
  • A more sophisticated, wealthier, and more successful appearance
  • Looking friendlier and more approachable since others will be attracted to your smile
  • Better overall health since you’ll be able to eat healthier foods, like crunchy apples, carrots, and nuts
  • Improved digestion because of complete chewing and reintroducing fibrous foods into your diet
  • No embarrassment when you eat around others
  • No more turning down dinner invitations because you were afraid of your teeth moving or afraid you couldn’t eat anything on the menu
  • Looking more attractive overall, especially since your smile is the first feature people notice
  • The self-esteem to make friends and pursue relationships you’d like to strengthen
  • The confidence – and the look to go with it – to reach your personal and professional goals
  • No adhesives to keep your teeth in place
  • The ability to clean your teeth just like you would real teeth
  • The mental freedom to never have to think about your teeth

We’ll Give You All the Information You Need to Feel Confident

Teeth implants are so realistic that it’s like you never lost your real teeth in the first place. Still, many people are initially hesitant to take the next step toward their life-changing smile. We remove as many barriers as possible so our patients can improve their overall happiness and quality of life. These barriers normally fall into four categories:

  • Finances – Cost of implants is one of the biggest obstacles for people who want them. We try to help with flexible financing options.
  • Pain – Aside from private care rooms where you can snuggle up with a blanket, we are trained in administering local anesthesia so you don’t feel any pain. We also offer sedation, which can help block pain but also relax you so you aren’t worried during your procedure. With deep sedation, you can even doze off and barely remember anything about your visit.
  • Dentist – Choosing a reliable dentist with experience may be one of the most important considerations. We regularly devote time for advanced, rigorous training in implants to perfect our skills. But skills don’t mean much if your office isn’t friendly or helpful. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how well we treat you and care for you here.
  • Results – Thanks to our skills, high-quality materials, artistic eye for producing a natural look, and technology like 3D imaging and 3D-guided implant surgery, you can rest assured your outcome will meet or exceed your expectations.

If you have any other questions that will help you feel confident about trading in your bad dentures for implants, we’ll spend all the time you need to answer them. For a free consultation, call Summit Dental at 201-366-7001 for our Hackensack office, or schedule online. For our Tenafly office, call 201-347-1417 or schedule online.