Spring is quite a busy season for dental emergencies. 

That’s largely because of sports-related injuries, most of which could’ve been prevented if the patients had been wearing a mouthguard at the time.

During practices and games, athletes face all kinds of physical risks due to falling, sliding, bumping into another player, and other common mishaps. Protecting an athlete’s teeth and gums is just as important as protecting the rest of their body, and the kind of mouthguard you choose truly does matter.

You wouldn’t buy your child a pair of cleats that were too big, so why buy a bulky, mass-produced mouthguard from a sporting goods store that slides around or makes breathing difficult?

The only athletic mouthguard that crushes the competition is one that’s custom-made by a dentist, so be sure to visit us at Summit Dental so your favorite sports star maintains their winning smile this spring!

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