Starting your kids off on the right foot for the school year is important. Aside from all the new clothes, school supplies, and shoes that will help them look their best, their smiles play a role in their self-esteem, too. Bring them to Summit Dental for back-to-school checkups so our dentist in Bergen County, NJ can make their teeth shine and prevent any problems that will affect their appearance or health.
Our hygiene visits leave no stone unturned. We’ll:

  • Use X-rays and intraoral images to assess your child’s health and detect any problems
  • Perform a meticulous visual exam of their teeth, gums, jawbone and jaw joint, and the rest of their oral cavity
  • Clean their teeth until all tartar is gone and their teeth shine
  • Discuss any problems we find, like cavities, misaligned teeth, and wisdom teeth issues, and recommend treatment
  • Provide extra measures to prevent decay, such as fluoride varnish and sealants
  • Educate your kids with nutritional tips and proper oral hygiene techniques
  • Fit them for sports mouthguards for superior protection

We have your family’s best interests in mind at all times. That includes maintaining evening hours and offering convenient payment options, like financing.

Start your kids’ school year off on a positive note with back-to-school checkups! Contact Summit Dental at the location nearest you: call 201-366-7001 for a dental appointment with our dentist in Hackensack, NJ or schedule online, or call 201-347-1417 for our dentist in Tenafly, NJ or schedule online.

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