If you’ve lost a lot of teeth, your life has changed – and not for the better. In addition to losing your smile, you’ve likely lost your ability to eat the foods you love and perhaps even the ability to speak clearly. Without stimulation provided by tooth roots, your jawbone shrinks, which will make you look older before your time. Full-arch dental implants are a great way to replace most or even all of your teeth – one that offers advantages over other implant treatments. 

With this procedure our dentists in Hackensack, NJ use just a few implants – typically either four or six – to secure a complete arch of replacement teeth in your upper or lower jaw. To see if this treatment is right for you, call us today to schedule a free consultation: 201-366-7001 for our Hackensack office or  201-347-1417 to get in touch with a dentist in Tenafly, NJ.

In the meantime, check out some of the benefits of full-arch treatment:

  • Less Costly – Since relatively few implants are used, this procedure is far more affordable than treatments that involve many implants. It’s the most cost-effective way to replace large numbers of teeth with dental implants. 
  • Faster Results – Fewer implants also means the procedure itself will be quicker and less invasive. You’ll heal more quickly too. 
  • Lifelike Feel and Function – Unlike conventional dentures, replacement teeth anchored to implants will stay put. You won’t have to worry about teeth that slip and shift out of place – often at embarrassing moments. In addition, you’ll have chewing power similar to what you enjoyed before losing teeth. So you’ll be able to eat what you’d like. 
  • Simple Maintenance – You won’t need adhesive to keep teeth in place or special cleaning solutions. You just brush and floss to keep your teeth in great shape. Without the bone loss in your jaw that occurs with conventional dentures, you’ll never need a relining procedure to adjust how your teeth fit. 

Interested in full-arch dental implants? Call Summit Dental at 201-366-7001 for our Hackensack office to schedule an appointment, or call at 201-347-1417 for our Tenafly office to schedule.