Are you too spooked by dental appointments to schedule routine cleanings?

Do memories from painful dental treatments of the past still haunt you?

Feel triggered by the scary sights and sounds you hear the moment you step foot inside a dentist’s office?

Whatever keeps you from being able to visit the dentist for routine care, you don’t have to continue to let dental fear control you.

You can conquer it with help from our friendly team at Summit Dental!

Here are three effective strategies that will help you feel calm and comfortable during your dental appointments with our dentist in Hackensack, NJ:

  1. Soothing Amenities – Lay back in the chair of one of our private rooms, cover up with a warm, cozy blanket, and watch TV for a nice distraction during your treatment. Our soothing amenities are designed to make you feel more relaxed and at home.
  2. Patient-Friendly Technology – Because we invest in the latest technology, such as dental lasers, our procedures are simpler, less invasive, and more efficient. Treatments that were once complicated or lengthy are now faster and more comfortable with our modern equipment.
  3. Dental Sedation – Depending on your level of anxiety, we can provide the right kind of sedation to calm your nerves. Inhaled and oral sedation are safe, effective options for moderately fearful patients who require simpler treatments, while deep sedation is great for severe anxiety or for those who require multiple, more complicated procedures.

Telling you about our patient-focused dental care is one thing. Experiencing it for yourself is quite another, and it could be the secret to finally taking back control of your oral health and building the beautiful smile you want.

Call Summit Dental at 201-366-7001 for our Hackensack office to schedule an appointment, or call at 201-347-1417 for our dentist in Tenafly, NJ office to schedule.